Only happened to one user on the Terminal Server. After this, the printers work properly, and the spool service does not stop any more. As a matter of course it impacts Outlook too. I disabled the onboard video adapter, restarted the computer and these events did not appear again. EXE – In my case, this was caused by a corrupt printer driver.

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We have to run an executable that Symantec supplied and then manually start the SAV service on each affected box. On startup, Data Execution Prevention prevented explorer.

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It booted up instantly but Windows still had many problems. Select the Service tab and set the default web site. Probably this issue is addressed to an faulty video file or an malfunction in this module.

DLL that was registered as well in the registry. Many of them have been related to TMproxy.

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I have recently installed Windows Media Player 9. A hotfix is available from Microsoft. All started working fine. Some applications may fail with this error when the system is left unstable by another faulty program.


Usually, a reboot is recommended when this type of error is showing up.

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If the application is iexplore. You cannot run Exchange on a Windows Server based computer. There is a problem with the provided provdisk. The problem comes from a bad configuration of the running applications. Both are HP hyper-threading machines.

I uninstalled my current printer and found this fixed my problem. Check for WSD-ports on the server, and if they are present, and not connected to any printers, they should be deleted. Click if the comment is good! I have been able to play them in the past. I replaced them from a backup. Also, see ME for additional information about this event. After a restart, there should be no more errors. DLL was the module.

So far, this appears to have resolved our issue. Follow the prompts throughout the System File Checker process.

A definition update caused the problem. This issue can occur if you use uppon commands to load the registry hive. Select the OK button. Also, several newsgroup posts suggest that installing ME solves the problem. IE is back to normal and now I can set a default home page.


I reconfigured the SNMP communities on the server and allowed an XP workstation that had IT Assistant console version 7 Dell software product for managing multiple servers running OpenManage installed on it, to poll the server. An explanation and replacement can be found in EV I checked the profile settings for the user and found that this was a person that logged into 3 types of machines– Win98, WinNT4. Rebooted the server and the error ceased to wlnner.

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