The touchscreen accuracy seems good, though our review unit required recalibration after it arrived since the touchscreen was showing activity about a half inch to the right of where we touched the screen. Motion Computing have also put together a wide range of accessories in including a unique docking station making this worth a look at. Pen stylus silo, headphone jack, microphone jack, USB 2. The speakers produce good volume enough to fill a small room and there is minimal distortion until you get to higher volume levels. Tablet PCs came out of the closet in record numbers at the recently concluded CES , but Asus has had one out for a while. Wrap up Overall, the software included with the T91 is really nicely designed, and operates pretty much as advertised. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

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Power efficient single core CPU with a very low performance. It consists of the following: The touchscreen accuracy seems good, though our review unit required recalibration after it arrived since the touchscreen was showing activity about a half inch to the right of where we touched the screen. Build quality is quite good despite the mostly plastic construction.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: If you want to upgrade the RAM in your T91 all you have to do is remove two screws on the access panel on the bottom of the netbook. We loved how small and light the machine was, but we lamented the fact that it really wasn’t equipped to handle any task more demanding than typing a Word document, sending an email or engaging in the occasional Skype call.

Is it a good tablet to buy if you just want a cheap secondary computer to carry with you for taking notes, staying connected, or sharing video, photos, and music?


From the regular XP desktop, you can activate the touchscreen interface three ways — via the icon on the desktop, the slider icon at the top of the desktop, or that physical button to the right of the power toggle we mentioned earlier. In much the same way that the Apple OS X dock or ObjectDock from Stardock software allow you to use quick shortcuts to utilities and applications, the Eee Docking software provides an easy way to locate utilities, software and digital content.

In practice, we got nearly four hours of use. The netbook boasts a VGA, two USB, and two audio ports, and it’s got a power button right on the left bottom edge of the screen.

The T91 also has an expandable stylus housed under the right bottom side of the chasis.

Asus Eee PC T91 – External Reviews

Horizontal viewing angles are less asud impressive with colors starting to shift at wide viewing angles possibly a result of the touchscreen layer. Gigabyte S The T91 has an easy, 9-point calibration process to get the touchscreen properly responsive.

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Asus Eee PC T91 Specs – CNET

We’ve had our eye on ASUS’ first full touchscreen tablet netbook, the Eee PC T91since way back in Xsuswhen the hardware was on display while the software had yet to appear. Performance and Benchmarks This is the section that I hate the most whenever I write a netbook review.

Hot Hardware We were impressed with the battery life nearly five hours, just as claimedbut we didn’t appreciate the non-removable nature of the battery. Please, switch off ad blockers. The built-in speaker performance on the Eee PC T91 is pretty good for a 8. We found that we were most comfortable using it as it’s intended — on our lap or tabletop — swiveled into a tablet, creating a much more natural and comfy environment for “writing,” though you can’t allow your palm to rest on or swipe the tablet — it will register that.


The use of Intel GMA integrated graphics continues to be a mixed blessing for netbooks. Motion Computing CL The left and right axus buttons are located beneath the touchpad under a single rocker-style button.

ASUS Eee PC T91 Review

And good value too. Keyboard and Touchpad The T91 uses a new keyboard that feels akin to the first-generation Eee PC keyboards with slightly larger keys.

Build and Design The Eee PC T91 is the first touchscreen netbook from the company that created the netbook category of laptops. So, details like letters are bigger. ZDNet Australia review the R91 Touch Gate also includes simple notepad and memo applications in case you need to scribble a few quick qsus during the day. Overall, the Eee PC T91 is a product we’d have a hard time justifying the purchase of — because the custom apps aren’t that useful, but they are kind of fun, and we hope future iterations will improve upon the things we really like about it.

Unfortunately, like Windows Vista, the more widgets you have running at the same time the more it negatively impacts system performance.

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